Sunday, June 24, 2012

Action Alert: Healthcare for All Rally (THURSDAY)

Healthcare-Now! Will be joining Tennessee Health Care Campaign and Physicians for a National Healthcare Program and other activists at a rally/press conference the day the Supreme Court releases their veridict on the Affordable Health Act ("Obamacare")--supporting a single-payer (Medicare for All) universal healthcare plan... We expect the decision will be released THURSDAY morning, if so, meet us at the Federal Building on N. Main downtown Memphis at 5 PM

If the decision is not released on monday, check back for new day!
What: Rally/Press Conference
When: THURSDAY (June 28) 5 PM
Where: Federal Building, Downtown Memphis

Contact: Jim Maynard
(901) 619-2679
Physicians for a National Healthcare Program
Contact: Dr. Arthur Sutherland, III, MD, FACC
901 237-6440
Tennessee Health Care Campaign
Brad Palmertree
Director of Communications
Tennessee Health Care Campaign
Office: 615.227.7500 Ext. 8
Progressive Democrats of America
Memphis DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boycott Fox News-Memphis

TurnOffFox | Turn Off Fox in Your Town

Turn off Fox Memphis!  Let local businesses know you will not continue to do business with them if they are forcing their customers to watch right-wing anti-gay, racist FOX NEWS.

Here's a list of Memphis businesses and restaurants to boycott if they don't Turn Off Fox:

McDonalds (nearly all locations in Memphis)
1325 Ridgeway

The Case Against Fox News

Boycott Fox News
Fox News Sponsors